Net Worth Update

We continue to work towards our goals of building back up our emergency savings to $55,000. We liquidated it in order to pay off our current house and put money down on our new house. We’re about halfway there.

The looters are gonna smack us around pretty hard this April. HR Block is telling me we’ll owe an additional $5,000 thus far which will pretty much mean my wife’s bonus will go straight to the looters. I’m debating whether I’ll even through it into the Capital One Money Market account (where we keep our emergency fund) to claim victory, even if its just for a month, I could still get my 1%. 😊


  • Cash
    • FSA: 1,000
    • HSA (yes, just cash): 2,500
    • Emergency Savings: 25,000
    • Transactional Accounts: 15,000
  • Credit Cards
    • Floaters (paid off every month): 13,000
    • Long Term Hold (0% for life, yes for life): 1,500
  • Loans
    • Main Car (0.9% financing): 38,000
  • Investments
    • 529: 4,500
    • IRA: 429,000
    • Roth IRA: 57,000
    • 401k: 107,500
    • Life Insurance (surrender value): 32,000
    • HSA (investments): 20,000
  • Property
    • Primary Residence (zestimate): 384,000
    • Cars (two drivers, one fun): 62,500


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