Major Earning Milestone: $200K

I recently passed a pretty major milestone in my career (at least for me). I recently received a letter stating that I received a compensation adjustment as a result of the end of year annual review process and my base salary is now over two hundred thousand dollars. I’m thirty four. Ten years ago, I was twenty four and I just got my first job out of college. My annual salary was $37,000 which means that my annual salary has increased over 500% in that period time. That is staggering and humbling and (a little bit) scary at the same time.

In this period of time I have worked at 3 companies and only negotiated my salary with my existing employer once. Below is a chart that shows how my base salary has changed over time. I think it illustrates three very good decisions that I made.


  1. I made a career pivot without mercy or guilt.
  2. I very rarely negotiated my salary.
  3. I very rarely changed companies.

In my next post, I’ll walk you through each of these pivotal moments in my career.


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