Throughout my life, I’ve attempted to make good financial decisions. I grew up middle class in the 80’s which meant wearing hand-me-down clothes, network TV instead of cable and renting a VCR from blockbuster to watch movies.

In the words of Pink Floyd, I saw money as a gas–or better yet, a fuel for a life of experiences. I’ve tried to wisely use the financial resources that I have acquired. I’ve watched communities develop around #frugal and #fire and, while I agree with much of what they have to say, I see them as more of a ascetic response to the excesses of consumerism. I strive for the “Middle Way”. One that balances financial stewardship with enjoying life.

In this blog, I will be documenting my experiences in money, career, and living. Along the way, I’ll be analyzing some of my financial decisions that surround these experiences.

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